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Please feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions or if you would like us to pray for you or offer encouragement in any way. If you are a visitor planning to attend, and would like to inform us in advance, we will eagerly anticipate your visit. Additionally, if you plan to arrive by car, we would be delighted to make a parking reservation for you, provided you let us know in advance.



Word of Life (WOL) Church

c/o: Takasago Church
1-17 Kamimachi, Arai-Cho

​Takasago-Shi, Hyogo 676-0015


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Get off at SANYO Electric Railway ARAI STATION (あらい|荒井駅).

Walk toward NORTH for about 5 Minutes. 

Map how to get the location


Get on the bus from HODEN JR Station.


Get Onboard the Joton Bus route (#11) bound for “Sanyo Takasago Eki” (#11) 山陽高砂駅. On Sundays, the bus departs from Hoden JR Station at 10:15AM.  


Get off at Stop #16 高砂警察署 (Takasago-Keisatsusho | Takasago Police Station)​. Estimated time of arrival is at 10:34AM. 

2-Minutes walking distance from the bus stop to WOL Church.

​- When you get off, you must pay by CASH. One-Way is ¥200. If you purchase One-Day ticket, it will only cost you ¥300. Please ensure that you tell the Bus Driver of your wish before getting off. 

​- RETURN SCHEDULE is at 12:58PM
from Stop No.16 高砂警察署 (Takasago-Keisatsusho | Takasago Police Station)

Estimated Time of Arrival back at 13:24PM at HODEN JR Station (The Last Stop)

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