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We are pleased to welcome you to Word of Life (WOL) Church JAPAN, a place where all can encounter the transformative power of God's love and grace.

We are an intentional  faith community that longs to be an authentic disciple of Jesus Christ, where we grow mature in faith, experience the joy of Christian fellowship and serve God in every aspect of our lives. 

 We warmly greet you, and invite you to join us on this transformative journey!


You are invited! Whether you are a first-time visitor or a long-standing member of our church community, we are thrilled to have you join us. Let us get to know the Lord deeper. Let us grow together in faith, hope, and love.


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We are absolutely thrilled that you have discovered us!

Did you know that you are living in an era of divine grace, where God patiently calls both men and women who may feel 'lost' in their ways back to Him? In His indescribable and immeasurable mercy, God wills for all to be saved from the hopelessness and helplessness of sin, offering the promise of everlasting life.

Not everyone is aware of the significance of this truth, or, more specifically, having faith in Jesus Christ. However, if we are sober, we can see that the world we live in today is unhinged, and its broken effects permeate every aspect of life - broken relationships, ceaseless discontentment, violence, mental illness, wars, poverty... to mention just a few. Where can you find true peace, hope, and satisfaction? Where will you go after you breathe your last breath? In what will you place your confidence when all your earthly treasures and accomplishments are unable to save you?

It is no coincidence that you have landed on this page! This may very well be a calling from God, an invitation to "come home!"

Word of Life ("WOL") Church JAPAN is an English-speaking, international church established to serve ALL who long to worship Jesus Christ and grow to be transformed into His likeness. We understand the challenges faced by foreigners/expatriates, who are alone far from home, perhaps marrying cross-culturally and raising cross-cultural families. We also warmly welcome Japanese nationals who wish to worship, study God's Word, and have fellowship in English. Japanese translation is available in our services/activities. You all are WELCOME!

We invite you to join us on this journey of faith, leading toward spiritual growth and discipleship. Our hope and prayer are that together, you will experience the unmatched peace, hope, joy, and love that come from knowing Jesus Christ and His eternal purpose for your life.

WE WELCOME YOU with open arms and hearts!

People raised hand together committed to share one purpose


Welcome to Word of Life (WOL) Church Japan!

At WOL Church Japan, our hearts overflow with a deep desire for everyone to experience the incredible grace of God, revealed through Jesus Christ. This is the "Good News" of the Gospel—a priceless gift and an immeasurable treasure.

If you haven't yet encountered this life-changing Good News, we extend a heartfelt invitation to get to know us. We're more than just a church; we're a family, eager to share God's boundless love and timeless truth with you.

To our fellow believers in Jesus Christ, whether you're seeking a spiritual "home" or feel lost, know that you're not alone. We warmly invite you to find your home with us.

If you know a friend, colleague, or family member who hasn't yet experienced this message of hope, please guide them our way—to our church or our website. We would be delighted to extend our hand and share God's love, grace, and truth with them.

At WOL Church, our doors and hearts are always open. We are committed to being a welcoming and supportive family for those who feel away from home—both physically and spiritually.

Join us in spreading the love and hope found in Jesus Christ. Together, we can make a profound difference in the lives of those searching for eternal hope.

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